Group Travel

From guided tours, to walking and gastro, to floral, to activity led and WWII occupation, we hope that Guernsey and our sister islands will be a serious contender for your group travel programme. With no exchange rates to worry about, Guernsey is a high quality, good value destination with an abundance of attractions, restaurants and hotels that cater for small, medium or larger groups.

The following information should help establish whether Guernsey is suitable for your group’s requirements and, if so, will assist you with your research and planning. Here you will find information on getting to Guernsey, group transport and tour providers, alongside links to accommodation, attractions and incoming tour operators.

Brochure materials are available to act as inspiration and aid with planning, this includes Guernsey Cycle Tours, Walking Maps, and The Must Have Map – a full list of our materials can be found here. Voucher copies of these brochures can be sent to group organisers in advance and with prior notice, copies of literature for the group can also be arranged, timed with your arrival and delivered to you at your chosen accommodation.

VisitGuernsey can also offer advice which will help you produce a tailored itinerary to suit specific requirements. The team would be delighted to assist group planners with their research, please contact us for welcome packs and brochures for your groups.