Guernsey’s La Grande Mare Hotel Sold

The four-star hotel, golf and country club was purchased on New Year’s Eve by the company which is head-quartered at Pula House, St Martins, Guernsey. It forms part of the Family Office of Stephen and Margaret Lansdown and expands the portfolio of local business interests.

Upon completion of the acquisition Stephen Lansdown said: “I’ve been a member of the hotel’s golf club for a number of years and have been aware that the Vermeulen family were considering all options for the hotel’s future. It struck me that this could be a great opportunity to invest in something on my doorstep and really build on the solid foundations that they have laid over the last forty years.”

Under the new ownership, Sacha Cauwels-Wigan has been appointed resort general manager with immediate effect.

Cauwels-Wigan said: “I am extremely excited to have moved to Guernsey and to have the opportunity to further develop La Grande Mare and bring the team together to deliver service-centric and people-focused hospitality in fantastic surroundings. “As a keen golfer I can’t wait to take on the challenge that is La Grande Mare golf course and I dare say the pro-shop will do well in selling me golf balls as on my first round I managed to lose a good few in the many water hazards around!” she added.

Her track record in leading golf and leisure resorts World Wide, will enhance the experience of those who visit La Grande Mare and support the Hotel, Golf and Leisure Club to grow from strength to strength.