Guernsey Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats in Guernsey are growing in popularity and in March we saw the first ever Zen Warrior Retreat with a weekend of master classes by international fitness and martial arts guru Sensei Beko Kaygee and Guernsey yoga instructor Caroline Wickham from PowerYoga Guernsey.

Caroline’s Background
Caroline has been teaching Budokon (a fusion of Yoga, Martial Arts and Meditation) for seven years. Bu-do-kon translates as “the way of the spiritual warrior” and is the creation of Cameron Shayne.
Budokon isn’t for everyone – it’s hardcore and requires discipline, strength, precision and careful mastery of movement. Having a fascination and background in movement, Caroline was drawn to the beauty of this style when she first decided to teach Yoga and has a small, dedicated following of Budokon.

Zen Warrior Retreat
The masterclass programme included: Chi Kung (Qigong), a holistic series of exercises that have been passed down through generations in central China; Tribal Yoga, inspired by ancient Egyptian yoga and martial arts with rhythmic tribal movements; Capoeira Fitness, which combines dancing and combat to the beat of the Berimbau and African Drum; Tai Chi Chuan, incorporating a combination of flowing gentle exercises and some more physically demanding ones; and Dynamic Chi Yoga Flow, a programme that fuses healing Chi Kung exercises, postures, stretches and breathing techniques of yoga, and dynamic yet fluid movements from Tai Chi.

Student feedback
“Having attended the Zen Warrior Weekend, and meeting Beko, I have been re-inspired by new forms of practice and to learn new skills. He put everyone instantly at ease and allowed us to completely forget our inhibitions (which we were told to leave outside the door!). Tribal Yoga was a personal highlight for me, allowing us to bring dance into yoga and move freely in our own bodies. I cannot wait for Caroline to bring Beko’s movements into our Guernsey Yoga classes!” (Megan Arlotte)

“Capably hosted by Caroline Wickham of PowerYoga Guernsey, I enjoyed an amazing and immersive weekend with Beko Kaygee, a real Movement Artist. Beko is truly talented and highly skilled in his practice. His approach is patient, challenging and completely inclusive – regardless of student experience and ability everyone could enjoy and learn from each and every one of these eight fabulous classes.
Much fun, laughter and hard work was had! Beko is a star, his skills matched with his natural and engaging modesty!” (Glyn Carré)
“The Zen Warrior Weekend was a great opportunity to experience classes which may not normally be available in Guernsey.  All credit to Caroline for getting Beko to come over to the Island where we could benefit from his experience and expert tuition.”  (Gary Torode)
“Had a fabulous time on the Zen Warrior Weekend with Beko - an amazing humble & patient Sensei; had a chance to experience the different variety of yoga that Beko had brought us & topped with helpful little tips and adjustments on certain asanas ... and especially love the slow movements Beko taught on the Budokon practice.”  (Lyna Guilbert)

Next Retreat
The next retreat is in Herm from 20th - 22nd October, you can find out about it here