Visitor Accommodation Premises

The approved use of premises with a visitor economy use classification as visitor accommodation (use class 7 or use class 8) under Planning Law is to provide accommodation for visitors for reward.

In certain circumstances, premises without such classification (e.g. a private dwelling offering bed and breakfast or room only serviced visitor accommodation in a limited area of the premises) may be able to obtain written Planning approval for that use without the need for a formal change of use.

In either case, the operator of the premises will need to obtain an annual Permit from the Committee for Economic Development before any visitors can be accommodated legally.

More information about applying for a Permit can be accessed from this page, together with  information about grading, accreditation and quality assurance of visitor accommodation.

You can also find out about how to participate in the monthly on-line occupancy survey known as ARIES. Participation is a requirement of any permit granted by the Committee.