Visitor Accommodation in Private Dwellings

For many years people have accommodated paying visitors in their own homes, and the opportunities for doing this have expanded exponentially with the advent of the online peer-to-peer sharing economy and marketing sites like airbnb, cottage guide, owners direct and trip advisor, to name but a few.

Whilst The Committee for Economic Development is keen to support the availability of this type of accommodation to broaden the  offer available, what hasn't changed in all that time is the legal requirement to obtain a Permit under the Tourist Law - and not a lot of people know that....

The Committee has statutory power under the Tourist (Guernsey) Laws (1948-1998) to grant or refuse Permits, and can also set Fees payable by applicants for a Permit. The fee for applications madein respect of a Permit for a Private Dwelling for the annual period commencing 1st April 2018 has been set at £50.00.

The main purpose of the Permit is to protect the interests of visitors, and the reputatiuon of the island, by ensuring that certain minimum standards of safety, cleanliness and service are provided to all guests. 

All the information and documentation you will need to meet the required standard and to apply for a Permit can be downloaded from the page opposite - Permits For Private Dwellings

There are Planning restrictions on the use of private dwellings for other purposes, so we recommend that you discuss the proposed use of your property to accommodate visitors, and the period over which you wish to do this, with the Development and Planning Authority, before applying for a permit. We may ask you to provide evidence of planning consent in support of your Boarding Permit application.

The DPA publishes guidance on its website at Just click on the heading Minor/Occasional use as guest accommodation.