Island Hopping

Longis Bay, Alderney
Belvoir Bay
La Coupee Sark


Enjoy the utter peace and quiet of Herm by taking a wander along the coast paths - the whole island is just a mile and a half long and half a mile wide, so bring your walking shoes and explore every inch.

In the afternoon, explore little Herm Village and then spent the afternoon at infamous Shell Beach or beautiful Belvoir Bay.

In the evening, enjoy dinner at Mermaid Tavern, Ship Brasserie or Conservatory Restaurant.


Full of old-fashioned charm, Sark is best traversed on a bicycle or by horse and cart. Be sure to enjoy the beautiful coastline, and pop across La CoupĂ©e to Little Sark for the best views.

After some lunch at La Sablonnerie, get adventurous and go coasteering.

In the evening, enjoy an evening meal at Stocks or any of the enchanting bars and inns that you pass. Sark has been declared the first "dark sky island" in the world, so make sure you take time to look up and admire the stars before leaving.


Day 1
Go for one of Alderney's self-guided walks - the perfect way to explore the island's impressive and varied landscape. There are over 50 miles of quiet lanes and country paths to wander, but the wildlife walks (numbers 1, 2 and 6) are a good place to start.

Go to St. Anne's, the island's main town, for lunch.

Try one of the tours available (which include a Seabirds Boat Tour (early afternoon), a Countryside Cycling Tour (afternoon) and an evening Bat and Hedgehog Walk and spend the rest of the day exploring the local shops and enjoying the laidback pace of life.

Spend your evening enjoying a meal in one of the island's restaurants or pubs - perhaps The Georgian House, Le Pesked or Bumps Bar & Bistro. 

Day 2

Try another of Alderney's self-guided walks. To see some of the island's heritage sites, try walks number 3 or 4. Walk number 3 goes past Pont Martin, St Vignalis' Garden, the German Tower, to name a few, while walk 4 explore Fort Tourgis, Clonque Bay and a 19th century battery.

Have lunch at one of the restaurants in the Harbour - try Braye Beach or The Divers Inn.

Relax during the afternoon at Braye Bay or Longis Bay.