Quality Development

What do we do?

The Quality Development section has two main functions:


Deliver the statutory obligations required by the Tourist (Guernsey) Laws (1948-1998). This includes:

  • administration of the annual boarding permit process;
  • supervision of the annual quality assessment and rating of visitor accommodation;
  • monitoring the operation of permit premises in accordance with the Law.

Quality Development

To engage as widely as possible with industry:

  • to encourage best practice across all facets of the visitor economy;
  • to underpin the delivery of a quality and memorable visitor experience for all visitors;
  • to keep industry partners in touch with developments in tourism that impact on the choices and experiences of their core markets;
  • to promote the value of the visitor economy to the island as a whole;
  • to facilitate a range of quality accreditation schemes based on current national standards;
  • to provide industry advice and support on related matters.


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