Accommodation - Regulation

The provision of visitor accommodation for reward is regulated by the Tourist (Guernsey) Laws (1948-1998).

Prospective accommodation providers must obtain an annual permit from the Committee for Economic Development, prior to accommodating any guests. An application fee applies.

Before a permit can be granted an applicant must demonstrate compliance with certain requirements, including the minimum prescribed quality standards for the type of accommodation, and the relevant statutory obligations imposed by the States of Guernsey.

All Permits granted are subject to conditions which regulate the operation of the permit and the premises.

Permits are valid for a maximum period of one year, between 1st April in any given year, and the 31st March of the year following.

The Committee currently grants permits according to the nature and operation of the premises in which accommodation is to be offered:

1. Visitor Accommodation

Premises with a Visitor Economy Use Classification under Planning Law: 

Visitor Economy Use class 7: serviced visitor accommodation; or Visitor Economy Use class 8: non-serviced visitor accommodation.

In both cases premises can operate continuously throughout the Permit period.

Information about how to apply for a Permit for this type of premises can be found under the heading  "Visitor Accommodation Premises"

2. Private dwellings 

Owners of private dwellings can only offer visitor accommodation for reward for a restricted period of time within the annual Permit period. The period allowed is defined by the Development and Planning Authority as a minor or ancillary use of the dwelling. Exceeding the period allowed may constitute an unauthorised change of use of the premises, and could render the owner liable to enforcement measures or to prosecution for a breach of the Law, by the Development and Planning Authority. In such event any permit granted by the Committee will be suspended or revoked, and this circumstance will be taken under consideration for any subsequent permit application(s) submitted.

Information about how to apply for a Permit for a Private Dwelling can be found under the heading "Visitor Accommodation in Private Dwellings"